Lightweight • Hand-painted/crafted • Creative 

STATUS AVENUE™ introducing the "FRUIT 2 GO" Earring Platter!


Freshly picked! It's the season to order our fun, vitamin packed platter of fruit earrings. Get your daily dose of freshness for your ears!

The "FRUIT 2 GO" earring platter includes 3 styles of our hand-painted, lightweight and fun earrings:

•1 Large pair "Bananza™" (Choice of Colour & Size)

•1 Small pair "Lil Fineapple™"

•1 pair "Wow Melon™"

•1 Reusable platter with lid (hand wash and reuse, no dishwasher, microwaveable for re-heat only, read lid for details)

*Sticker shown on earrings are removable. You may leave on or discard.

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    Shop our Freshly Picked Earrings!   

WOW MELON™ Earrings
BANANZA™ Earrings (Sizes)
LIME IT UP™ Earrings


Fun note- *No extra charge for grocery bags, we offer free reusable ones! :)

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