STATUS AVENUE™ is a fun, bold, vibrant earring and apparel brand. 


Status Avenue™ is based on having confidence, being different and creative through fashion.


Our statement piece earrings are vibrant, lightweight, and eye catching!

Status Avenue earrings are proudly made, hand-painted and handcrafted in Canada. 

Our earrings won't turn colour and are a great way to make any outfit pop, build your outfit around the earrings or let the earrings be the main focus, have fun with them!

Status Avenue has had item(s) featured in an international music video (Sean Paul), on national TV stations (CP24, Fairchild TV...), online features (Pride Toronto) and seen with/for some celebrities and high profile Fashionistas/Stylists (Cardi B, Beckerman blog, Siaani Love, Otheezy, JNELV...).


You don't have to be a "celeb" to rock our earrings, although you may feel like one when you wear our pieces. Our earrings are for ANYONE & EVERYONE who wants to wear them! Might we add that people of various ages have purchased and worn our earrings, we embrace that whole heartedly and are very humbled to have such a wide age range interested in our pieces.


Many of our supporters/customers have said they get so many compliments when they wear our Status Avenue earrings, and we absolutely LOVE THAT!

Many of our designs, colour choices are bold and unparalleled to any earrings/apparel 

that are currently on the market. Status Avenue designs are creative ideas or twists,

and sometimes start out as a sketch on a napkin (seriously) or on a scrap piece of paper.

Our earrings are proudly made in Canada with eco-sourced and high quality materials. 

At Status Avenue, our aim is to be the brand that you can rely on for colourful, 

unconventional statement piece earrings and apparel. Our products are special and unique just like you! 

We hope we can inspire you to become a STATUS AVENUE fashion leader!

We would love to see how you rock our Status Avenue products!

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Love always,