(Frequently Asked Questions)

Are the earrings heavy even though they are large?

Not heavy, they are extremely lightweight

Each style/size has a different weight, but even our largest earrings are very light in weight. 

Are all of the earrings really hand-painted?

It might be hard to believe but the answer is Yes. 

Status Avenue™ earrings are ALL hand-painted and hand-detailed (unless otherwise stated). 

Are these earrings costume jewelry?

Yes, our earrings are considered costume jewelry meaning they are not made of "real metals such as 10K, 14K gold, platinum etc."

However, our earring posts (the part that inserts into pierced ears) are 925 silver plated (on brass) and are nickel free.


Do you ship worldwide? 

Yes, however you need to email us first to STATUSAVENUE@GMAIL.COM, with the earrings you would like to purchase with postal code of where it will be shipped too. We will get back to you with the most accurate quote. * Please note- Upon finalizing customer orders, some shipping/billing addresses may need time for verification, especially if shipping area/country is flagged "high risk" for fraud.

Does my earring shipment come with tracking?

Great question! Our earrings are shipped with tracking (unless otherwise discussed/stated). We want you to be able to track them so you know where they are, so that you can arrange to pick them up or be home to receive them. Also, it is in our best interest to know where they are as well for our own records. 

How long for my earring order?

Depending on the amount of orders and availability, please allow up to 14 business days. Please understand the nature of our handcrafted business. Of course, there are those good ol' holidays that will affect and delay orders. We truly appreciate your purchase and patience. Feel free to contact us at STATUSAVENUE@GMAIL.COM for any inquiries you may have.

Will the colour come off the earrings such as rub off?

No, our earrings are topped with a protective coating that allows you to wipe them (dry tissue or lightly dampened tissue) from make up or sweat easily. Avoid rubbing too hard or abrasively just to be safe. Store your earrings in the white box it came in or any other box you'd like and avoid storing in extreme cold/hot temperatures. They have been worn in some pools/salt water oceans which seem to hold up ok as far as we know. However, it's up to the wearers discretion to do so, we will not be held accountable should earrings be ruined while wearing in pool, in salt or chlorinated water or by doing any other activity that may affect earrings. 


They can be worn in hot, sunny climates doing usual things however, just like anything else sitting in/under any extreme cold/hot temperatures they may or may not be affected over time. We want your earrings to last and believe they will, especially if you take care of them, store them as suggested (in the box, and away from direct cold/heat).

The earrings should not rub off with regular wear and care.


For the earring gift sets, is the gift wrapping on the shipment box or it's separate?

Glad you asked! For the gift sets- the gift wrapping option is for the items seen in the sets, the shipping box does not have any gift wrap options. All of the gift set items will have the options of no wrapping or clear cellophane wrapping (like you would see a gift basket wrapped and everything can be seen wrapped up in one).

If you order more than 1 gift set, each set will be wrapped separately. If you wish to have 2 gift sets wrapped into 1, please contact/inquire beforehand to have that arranged. 

I see some people get their earrings delivered in a pink box, how can I get that one?

The pink box you see is if you order 2 pairs or more earrings up to about 4 pairs in that box. So if you order 2 or more you will receive the pink box (as long as we have them in stock).


If we have discussed another packaging option because you don't need or want that box that may be arranged prior.

What is the Status Avenue return/exchange policy?

*For hygienic reasons, the following items cannot be exchanged or returned, will be FINAL SALE:

  • Earrings

  • Jewelry

  • Undergarments/intimate wear

  • Swimwear

  • Unitards

  • Any items related to pandemic (such as masks, alcohol wipes, etc...)

ALL "on sale," clearance, or freshly made/made to order, custom items are FINAL SALE and cannot be exchanged or returned.

Returning and/or not accepting your order without written approval in email from Status Avenue™, will be denied and a fee of $15.00USD will be charged plus any other fees associated with the shipping costs. Our items take time, dedication to create, alongside selecting some cool pieces to offer, so please respect the art and the nature of our small business. Thank you.

Do you have a physical store? Do you sell anywhere else?

No physical storefront at this time, STATUSAVENUE.com is the official online store. We occasionally do pop up vendor events, but we are mostly online based.

Do you sell clip-on earrings?

Unfortunately, not at this time.

What does "Freshly Made" mean for earrings?

Our Freshly Made Earwear aka earrings are made "Fresh," meaning many times they are made to order.

For online orders- when a customer purchases and the order is verified/finalized, we then start producing, hand-painting, and hand-detailing our earrings.

I saw an earring style a while ago, but don't see it online anymore. Where is it?

From time to time we do create special limited edition pieces that are only available for a short period of time. Once they sell out, they may never come back. So, we encourage you to get 'em while they're here.

Also, you can try your luck by emailing us (use contact page) with your inquiry regarding the earring style you are looking for.

There are some slight variances with hand-painted/hand-detailed earrings...

Due to the handmade, hand-painted, and hand-detailed nature, there may be slight imperfections/variances in hand-detailing. We strive to do our best with each creation we produce. At times, we need to free hand draw in some parts of the earrings and we try to be precise and perfect as much as we can. Thank you for understanding and appreciating our wearable art!

I love my Status Avenue earrings, how do I get featured on Status Avenue social media platforms such as Instagram and/or website?

Thank you! We are so happy to hear you love our earrings!

To be featured on our social media platforms, please submit your pictures/video (preferably in good lighting, clear and high resolution, if possible) to STATUSAVENUE@GMAIL.COM or send as a Direct Message (DM) to our Instagram @STATUSAVENUE.

Follow us on Instagram and stay tuned to see if you will be posted. Good luck on your submission.

We appreciate your support and love!

What if I received my earrings and they arrived damaged? 

We understand that things happen out of our control and we're sorry to hear. 

•We require a pic & video (front and back of earrings) of the damage WITHIN 3 days from confirmation of your order shipment,


• Any evidence sent after 3 days of confirmation of shipment will be not be considered.

Buyer is fully responsible for costs to ship back to STATUS AVENUE (we highly suggest to choose an option with tracking).

•If we do not receive the actual items or if package is lost, stolen or missing, STATUS AVENUE will not be held responsible. It will be the responsibility of the customer to file a claim with the postal service in order to have their concerns resolved.

•Please provide 2 pieces of proof such as an official receipt from post office that you shipped to our PO BOX and proof/confirmation of delivery to our PO BOX address. 

•Return earrings back in the original packaging, all tags, letters/cards, tissue paper, boxes, any gifts that were included with the purchase. Return it exactly with everything in box, anything missing will void any type of replacement. 

•IF there is a way we can offer advice on how to fix it without sending it back, we will gladly inform you.

Is STATUSAVENUE.COM a secure site? How to tell?

StatusAvenue.com IS a secure website.

How you can tell is in the address/URL bar there will be a small icon that looks like a lock, and it's located right beside our STATUSAVENUE.COM web address. When there is a lock seen there that means it is a secure website.

We understand your concern and thank you for your question. Your information is not sold to any third party.

We at STATUSAVENUE.COM respect your information/privacy. 


Are the customer reviews from real people/customers?

Interesting question and the answer is YES, they are absolutely real, no robots, no paid testimonials or fake reviews.

We openly, without any obligation asked some of our previous customers if they would like to offer an honest review about their product purchase(s) with Status Avenue. We also ask for their permission to post on any of our social media prior to posting. 

We have received some great, heart-warming feedback and have decided to repost it.

We value our customers, their opinion and honesty, because we would not be here if it wasn't for them. 

Thank you all for your support!


To send your testimony/reviews you may do so through our contact page or as a DM on Instagram.

(Please include your first name, last initial and if you are giving permission to repost on any Status Avenue social media platforms). 

We are press/media/influencer and would love to feature the Status Avenue brand, how can we?

We are humbled and excited by this and would love to know more, please send all inquiries, social media handles and necessary information, links to STATUSAVENUE@GMAIL.COM

Thank you!

For inquiries, questions, etc. not listed here?

Please send all inquiries through our website contact page or email STATUSAVENUE@GMAIL.COM.

Thank you.